Thursday, 11 April 2013

Black Rhino Statistics

There has been a shocking decline of rhinos over the past few years as we all know but what are the actual statistics and what is really being done about it? 

According to more than 206 Rhino have been poached this year alone and conservationists estimate more than 1000 will die in total. Since the endemic began in in 2008, the country has been rocked by more than 1600 Rhino deaths. Intelligence driven operations have started what can be called a war on poachers. Military style training and equipment is now being adopted to help save the Rhino. 

Millions of Rands have been raised from all over the country in many different forms of fund raising. What sometimes feels like a losing battle, rangers celebrate in the shooting and killing of suspected poachers. Poachers are able to find a weak spot along the thousands of kilometres that are open to target. The following graph depicts the huge increase of rhino poaching. 

Courtesy of Jacques blog
The heartlessness and brutality in the way in which these animals are killed is one of the biggest factors causing so many people to speak out. It seems the relentlessness of the poachers is a tough enemy. They are paid exorbitant amounts of money, around about the horn's weight in gold, in return for the horns. 

Game parks are now taking matters into their own hands and injecting a mixture of parasiticides and permanent pink dye which will make whoever ingests the horn become seriously ill. Some researchers argue that this will not save the Rhino only deter the poachers to other sites and poachers will dye the horns white to make them look normal. Unfortunately poachers kill the animal and then decide whether they can use the horn or not. 

According to New Age online, the government has entered into talks with the entire Asian block. They are set on signing an agreement with the countries to clamp down on  Rhino horn trade and other animals like tortoises and snakes. It seems the best way to end this murder is to target the rhino horn market in Asia rather then trying to stop the poaching from here.

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