Friday, 28 September 2012

TripAdvisor Review - “So close to the animals on a horse”

Reviewed September 23, 2012 on TripAdvisor
It was my first time to go game-viewing by a horse. It turned out to be so good. You can get very close to the animals on a horse as they might thought you are just "a horse". The only thing people may don't like about it is that you will not be allowed to see the lion if you ride a horse. But we did get very close to many white rhinos, together with many other animals. It's not to say very very good but it's good enough and worth your money.
Visited September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012

World Rhino Day

How are you celebrating World Rhino Day?  There are lots of things planned in South Africa and around the world.  Please join in and support this fantastic cause.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Buffalo Hills and Surroundings

Giraffe, Wildebeest, Impala, Bontebok, Zebra, Bushbuck and Eland are what you can expect to see when staying at Buffalo Hills Private Game Reserve.

Situated at the end of Stof Pad road near Wittedrift, about 8km from Plettenberg Bay.
[The famous Stof Pad is a road filled with very interesting, mainly creative, characters.]

Along the way, you will many different farms - cows, chickens, horses, sheep, and pigs to name a few. 
There are also a few crop farms, though not as exciting, just as important to the farming community.

This picturesque farm road is partially tarred - mostly sand - and is about 4.5km in length; from Wittedrift it leads straight into Buffalo Hills once you have crossed the little river.

The farm is pristine and calming, and as there are no predators on the reserve, the animals are fairly relaxed and will come up to graze on the lawn, allowing you to take plenty of photographs. Remember, these are wild animals, and are not there to be petted, but are instead there to add to your natural surroundings.

The following activities can be arranged to maximise the enjoyment of your holiday:

Adventure weekend with hiking,cycling and walking.
Game drives
Horse safaris
Surf lessons
Polo lessons
Whale watching
Swimming lessons
Tennis lessons

There are qualified adults to assist with extra activities, so there is no question that you are getting the most out of your holiday experience (and sometimes this means parents getting a little R&R while their child is engaged in a supervised activity). 

The vision is for Buffalo Hills to be an adventure camp for schools or individuals to appreciate, and for them to be out in the fresh air, with safe and suitable supervision.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Buffalo Hills Accommodation

Are you planning an event such as a 21st birthday? A bachelor party? Family reunion? Then look no further than Buffalo Hills Private Game Reserve! 

The 130 hectare nature reserve has gone under the knife (so to speak), and the three houses are all fresh and new. Either book a single house/tent for your purpose, or the entire camp for a price that really can't be beaten!

There are 3 houses and 2 tents:

House 1 sleeps 12
House 2 sleeps 6
House 3 sleeps 4

Tent 1 sleeps 4
Tent 2 sleeps 2

The farm is the ideal place to spend time with friends and family. With plenty of space for the children to run around, the houses are close enough together to create a sense of unity but far enough from each other so you won't feel cramped.

Spend the day lounging at the boma, where there is a bar and swimming pool, with a view looking out over the valley, and chat around the big open fire while sitting under nature's best ceiling - a beautiful starry night sky.
Buffalo Hills is aimed at people with a love of the outdoors, and is available for different packages.

The farm offers packages that have a basic rate of R200 per adult and R100 per child under 12 years, or the entire camp at R2000 which sleeps 28 (this is for self catering accommodation). 
 The packages will be added onto this price accordingly (eg. customised 30th birthday function - lighting, decor, photographer - can all be organised for you).

If catering is required, this can be arranged with a menu that will be based on healthy quality meals that steer away from tin food and white bread.

The only question now is, "What are you waiting for?".

Plenty of space to breathe deeply
Enjoy the indoors outdoors

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Return of the Quagga

A project was started in 1987 by a group of dedicated people in South Africa to bring back the Quagga.
DNA analysis has shown that the Quagga was not a seperate species of zebra but in fact a subspecies of the Plains Zebra. By selective breeding from a selected founder population of Southern Plains Zebra, the Quagga striping pattern is returning.

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve is privilidged to have 10 of these zebra's which came from the project group in August 2012, and the project will continue on the game reserve.
The revival of the Quagga will be of major history for South Africa as it was last seen on 12th August 1883 in a Holland Zoo.

Welcome back!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Adventure Race at Buffalo Hills

The newly furnished houses were booked out this weekend by two high schools; the weekend was organised by James Lettuce, who said it was filled with fun and energy as the competitors raced in the pristine countryside.

James commented that it was a great experience for all involved, as they had the privilege of scouting the entire farm without another soul around.

After that, they hosted an Adventure Race, which is already being spoken about everywhere, and the competitors were blown away by the venue!

The two Oakhill teams accepted the challenge presented to them and gutted it out to finish the full route, in true Adventurer style.
The Glenwood House teams were a bit overawed by the whole thing, and the route was adjusted for them towards the end to ensure that everyone was back by nightfall.
The main race became a real nail-biter with the guys and girls racing for seven hours, and the first three teams all finishing within one minute of each other!

Shortly after race completion, the war stories were told - tales of Gemsbok charging and people getting run over by Giraffe were thrown around, and a lot of scratched legs bore testament to the bad navigation choices. A few tumbled from their bikes, which left scabs (maybe even scars!), which will lead to future exaggerated re-telling of their adventure in the bush.

This is the first Adventure Race, but it most definitely wont be the last! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Buffalo Hills is Open!

The new Buffalo Hills Private Game Reserve has been opened!

This beautiful farm is situated at the end of a country road, and sleeps twenty-eight in two tents and three houses.
It's a wonderful place for family getaways, with the huge fire place in the boma and a near unlimited supply of firewood - after all, there's nothing quite like sitting around a big camp fire, and enjoying the surrounding nature.

There are two maids who help with keeping Buffalo Hills clean and maintained so that the entire family can enjoy the fresh air and healthy lifestyle.

R2000 for an entire camp, or R200/adult and R100/child - these rates really can't be beaten!