Thursday, 25 July 2013

What To Pack

If you are travelling from far to visit us at Plettenberg Game Reserve, here is a quick guide to what you should pack.

  • Neutral clothing is best for when in the bush as it will not draw unwanted attention from animals and insects and wont scare of nervous animals when on game drives and horse back rides.
  • Bring closed comfortable shoes. The should preferably be worn in as you don't want blisters and uncomfortable shoes on walks.
  • Our resort is pretty relaxed and guests are advised to wear practical comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a coat or a shawl for the evenings in summer and for the day in winter. You are not expected to dress up for dinners but it gets cool in the evening in summers and winters can be fresh.
  • Bring sunblock, hats and sunglasses as the African sun is harsh and sunburn is very unpleasant ad can ruin your holiday with us.
  • Bring insect repellent especially in summer.
  • Binoculars are vital for game and bird watching.
  • Cameras are so important so you can capture those special memories forever.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Legalising Rhino Horn Trade- South Africa

The catastrophe of the Rhino Horn Poaching disaster is only getting worse and conservationists and the government are scrambling to find a solution.

In the last 3 years there has been a massive call to try to end the totally cruel butchery of these animals for their horns. Shocking images have been blasted across social networks and front pages and countless campaigns have rocked the country and yet it seems there has been no change.  If anything the issue has become exponentially worse.

The newest attempt at saving these animals and ending the horrific torture they go through during the terrible dehorning process, is leading the entire movement in the opposite direction.

South African Cabinet member, Water and Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, along with many conservationists, argued that the final and probably the only option that we have left is to legalise the international trade of these horns.

This radical proposal has been met with many different responses. The obvious outcry by many is due to the absurdness of the idea while others are starting to see the potential success of this proposal. With the trade being legalized, the black market will, agreeably, not be eradicated (as it never will) but will potentially be radically decreased.

This will also enable the trade to be monitored and will hopefully assist in the sustainable farming of these horns. It will most defiantly decrease the huge numbers of awful attacks on these animals where their noses are hacked to pieces and the rhinos are left alive in agonising pain.

We have seen enough disturbing images to last a life time and the numbers of dead rhinos have sent shivers down even the most hardened folks' spines. Let's hope that whatever the solution to this disaster, it is implemented soon.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Plettenberg Bay Horse Safaris

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve offers its visitors the wonderful opportunity of experiencing an African safari on horseback. This is an amazing chance to take a "ride on the wild side" so to speak. The horses and game alike are used to being in proximity to one another so you can get up close to the wild animals with relative ease.

Experienced and knowledgeable game rangers ensure that the safari will remain etched in your mind forever. Taking you to locations inaccessible to even off the most hardy off road 4x4s, you will get within very close range to Africa's finest game.

As you breathe in the fresh, clean air and feel the long grass brush below, you may feel as though you are adventuring through Africa's unchartered and untouched landscape.

Our horses are well trained and friendly so even someone who is an inexperienced rider or nervous around horses will feel at ease. We will ensure that each person is paired with the correct horse to suit them. The 2 hour ride is easy and comfortable and you can enjoy a drink at our fabulous bar when it is all over.

For bookings click here or call 044 535 0000/1 or 084 792 8288

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Baroness Safari Lodge

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve lodge dates back to 1822 when pioneer and conversationalist  Baron von Pletten built the original lodge as his headquarters for exploration of the surrounding bush and wildlife. Still standing, the lodge was built from stone found in the area and now, after careful renovation in order to preserve the original look of the lodge, all 10 rooms open up onto the indigenous gardens from where guests can enjoy the spectacular views of the Tstsikamma mountains in the distance. Enjoy relaxing on the veranda and open courtyards as the likes of zebra and wild buck are free to roam and graze around the lodge. Cool down in the plunge pool as the afternoon heat rises.

End the day off dining at our outside Boma closed behind by massive carved wooden doors. The authentic Africa restaurant is dedicated to bringing guests only the highest quality uniquely African meals. The restaurant has a bar deck that that hangs over the dam which has become a favorite spot for sundowners after a day in game park.

After eating a superb meal at our restaurant head off to your room which is eclectically decorated and finished with polished cement and yellowwood floors. High ceilings compliment the luxurious crystal chandeliers and four posters beds. Float off to a peaceful dreamland as you sleep under under mosquito nets, linen sheets and chenille or faux-fur throws.

For more information and bookings contact Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve by clicking here.