Thursday, 6 September 2012

Adventure Race at Buffalo Hills

The newly furnished houses were booked out this weekend by two high schools; the weekend was organised by James Lettuce, who said it was filled with fun and energy as the competitors raced in the pristine countryside.

James commented that it was a great experience for all involved, as they had the privilege of scouting the entire farm without another soul around.

After that, they hosted an Adventure Race, which is already being spoken about everywhere, and the competitors were blown away by the venue!

The two Oakhill teams accepted the challenge presented to them and gutted it out to finish the full route, in true Adventurer style.
The Glenwood House teams were a bit overawed by the whole thing, and the route was adjusted for them towards the end to ensure that everyone was back by nightfall.
The main race became a real nail-biter with the guys and girls racing for seven hours, and the first three teams all finishing within one minute of each other!

Shortly after race completion, the war stories were told - tales of Gemsbok charging and people getting run over by Giraffe were thrown around, and a lot of scratched legs bore testament to the bad navigation choices. A few tumbled from their bikes, which left scabs (maybe even scars!), which will lead to future exaggerated re-telling of their adventure in the bush.

This is the first Adventure Race, but it most definitely wont be the last! 

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