Thursday, 25 April 2013

7 Awesome Wildlife Videos

Here are some awesome wildlife videos for those of us who are dying to be in the bush right now but can't. From Buffalo fighting against Lions to Zebras escaping death from the jaws of a lioness.

Battle at Kruger. Lion vs Buffalo These lioness may have met their match when they try to mess with this baby.

Female Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby . Too sweet! The end reflects the relationships between elephants and their young

How developed Chimps are with using tools.  Very interesting how developed chimps really are.

Leopard cuddles Baby Baboon . Surprising video on the unpredictability of the wild.

Zebra fights for life against Lioness The strength and desire to survive shown by a zebra who seems to have no chance.

Baby gorilla exploring. An adorable, inquisitive baby gorilla explores for the first time.

Giraffe and seal giving birth  Spectacular video footage of the natural births of these majestic animals.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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