Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Some little-known information about Elephants

Elephants are one of the most gentle and intelligent animals in the South African bush. Many people don't realise the intelligence of these animals. They have an incredible memory and their emotional side is something to be wary of. A lot of research over the past few years has found that elephants that have been through a culling season show signs of major distress and even self harm. They have the ability to show empathy towards other elephants suffering. They morn for weeks when another elephant dies and a mother elephant will protect her baby with her own life. There have been recorded burial ceremonies by researches where elephants try for hours to try help a hurt elephant by trying to lift the elephant and feeding it. If the elephant dies they bury the elephant in a shallow grave with branches and leaves. They have been known to do this for family members and with elephants from another herd and even sleeping or dead humans. An elephant herd is almost indestructible and only poaching, culling and death seem to break them up. Humans have become so captivated by these highly intelligent animals that they have discovered that elephants are able to mimic sounds they hear as well as use tools and are able to recognise themselves in mirrors. We do not have elephants at Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve as our land is too small and they would not have sufficient food or roaming space.  We do, however have other members of the BIG 5 - Lion, Buffalo & Rhino.

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