Friday, 15 March 2013

Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve Nocturnal Animals

Image courtesy of Jason Parrish
There is far more that goes on during the night out in the bush than you can imagine. Often after spending a night sleeping in the bush you will find small traces of activity in the night but nothing more. A quill left behind or tiny aardvark footprints tracing around your front door. There are so many strange and wonderful creatures that only venture out once the sun has gone down and many people sadly miss them. These elusive animals are sneaking around just outside your window and we recommend you stay up a little past your bedtime and catch a glimpse of this whole other world that comes alive once it's dark outside. We're talking about animals like the aardvark, porcupine, hyena, scorpion, aardwolf, fox, caracal and many different wild cats. Many of these animal can only be seen in tiny cages in zoos and we believe that it is a much more fulfilling experience to be able to see these animals in their natural habit doing what they do best.

Image courtesy of National Geographic
Nothing brings a smile to peoples faces like seeing the 60cm, 16kg porcupine hobbling around outside at night, foraging for insects and anything that has been left behind on the braai. The hyena is one of the most bizarre creatures not only to see but to hear too. Their high pitched squeaks do actually sound like laughter and people are often surprised to see them hunting as they are believed to be scavengers. The aardvark is probably the most humorous of the lot. Their strange pig-like bodies and their long noses are a sight to see as they dig through ant hills with no fear.

Come and see these animals at Plettenberg Bay Game Reserve and enjoy a blissful weekend away along the Garden Route.

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